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    IJR Grade Kata Empty IJR Grade Kata

    Post by Sensei Ash on Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:34 pm

    On our grading syllabus we have a mixture of Shotokan and Goju ryu Kata, as these are the two main styles our club is based on. (Note that when going for 1st kyu and Shodan you learn two new kata. Then Nidan on-wards you have the option to learn three but will get to choose two of them to have as your new grade kata)

    Here I'll lay out the kata in order and indicate which grade they are for:

    8th Kyu - Taikyoku Shodan (Kihon Kata)
    7th kyu - Heian Shodan
    6th Kyu - Heian Nidan
    5th Kyu - Heian Sandan
    4th Kyu - Heian Yondan
    3rd Kyu - Saifa
    2nd Kyu - Bassai Dai
    1st Kyu - Empi + Seiunchin
    Shodan - Sepai + Kanku Dai
    Nidan – Sanseryu/Hangetsu/Jion
    Sandan – Sochin/Gankaku/Kururunfa
    Yondan – Gojushiho Sho/Kanku sho/Shisochin
    Godan – Nijushiho/Unsu/Seisan
    Rokudan – Suparinpei

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