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    Introducing Sensei Ash!!

    Sensei Ash
    Sensei Ash
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    Introducing Sensei Ash!! Empty Introducing Sensei Ash!!

    Post by Sensei Ash on Sat Aug 24, 2019 11:33 am

    Hello fellow Karate-ka!

    I am the Chief instructor at IJR Karate!
    My name is Ashley Aldworth, have been doing karate (among other martial arts) since I was 5 years old! Have been part of a few different martial art forums over the years, and thought why not create one purely for our club! It's a place where we can come to talk about karate, ask for advice about your training, or just an online place for us to be social. This will be more useful as the club grows, especially when we have other locations open.

    I will also plan to use this to post about news and events going on.

    So feel free to introduce yourself in this forum! Create a new topic for yourself and watch your post count increase and work towards your next forum grade!! Very Happy

    Train Together, Learn Together, Succeed together

    Chief Instructor at IJR Karate
    Ashley Aldworth - Sandan

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