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    Your Reasons...

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    Your Reasons... Empty Your Reasons...

    Post by Sensei Ash on Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:04 pm

    We all have our own reasons for starting, but they aren't always the same reasons why we stayed and keep on training...

    So what were your initial reasons for getting into karate, and what are you reasons for continuing your Martial Art journey??

    I'll start with mine...

    So originally my parents signed me up when I was 5, at the time I was being bullied (ended up moving schools) I was just a kid enjoying karate, really got into martial art films with Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme, and all time favourite film best or the best!

    After a brief break from karate I started again with another club, that is when I started to understand other benefits of training in martial arts other than to be totally kick ass! The idea of constantly trying to improve and how that can filter into our lives outside of the dojo really appealed to me and still does.

    Now as a Sensei in karate I still continue to try and improve myself, and really love my art and the fact that I can re-live the journey through my students training is great! It is a great feeling that I can pass on karate to others and watch them enjoying their karate journey just as much as I did!

    So that briefly outlines my reasons, I just really love karate!! the art, the attitude, the life!

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